Ultimate Ableton Collection 2


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28 Adv. Ableton Vids 

  20 Styles of Pro Drum Kits 

Fully sampled Roland r70 r8
                Drum Machines

A perfect companion to the 1st Ultimate Collection

I’ve got more tips, tricks, techniques and secrets made especially for DJ’s, remixers, producers and musicians. This collection with surely take you to the next level!

Easy to followvideos that even a complete beginner can use for Remixes, Mash-Ups or DJing in Ableton! Ableton is THE tool to make that happen!

Get the 2nd collection in a video series people are calling “Profound” and“fantastic”!



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Contents52 HQ Video Tutorials

Size4.72 GB [Unzipped]

what you will learn

  • 5 Advanced Drum Racks Videos
  • The World's Most Ableton Tips In 1 Video!
  • Advanced Vocal Effects & Techniques
  • Get Ableton's Master Tempo To Follow A Live Song
  • Organizing Your Files (Also Great For DJs)
  • Getting The Right Compressor Settings Every Time
  • Advanced Midi Techniques
  • Creating Multiband Effects & Loads More Advanced Tips!

customer reviews


 I feel that this DVD is for the chosen aspiring producers. I feel chosen lol.  I keep telling myself to watch 1 more video and we’ll rest, 1 more and we’ll really rest and then on and on.

I’ve watched 3 tutorials(groove box, askvideo,swa) and feel like I was in High School while your videos made me feel I actually graduated.

This DVD changes the way I look at Ableton Live and it also changes the way I sample and produce my music. This changes everything for the better.

Mark Acosta 

Los Angeles, US


Thanks! I have to say the videos are fantastic. I watched all the ones on Sampler and I have learned alot. I really never knew what I was doing in Sampler and now I have tons of ideas.

Bryce Parkhurst

Pennsylvania, US


Your teaching software is marvelous. All praises for the efforts you have taken to teach so many new upgrowing music innovators. I have just started learning and at my age of 53. I feel I am at school again, and the ease with which i can follow the software has made me believe that an old growing parrot can also learn music, from your help and wisdom.

Dr Arora M P Singh

Mumbai, India

Dive Deeper into  Ableton 


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